About Me

As a young kid growing up Michael looked forward to the family BBQ. All aunties, uncles and cousins would turn up. As the normal thing the aunties would bring salads and cakes. And the uncles would bring along some meat and beer to share.

As his dad and uncles fired up the BBQ while having a few beers. Michael and his cousins would be playing some backyard cricket, or just kick the football around. They were very fond memories Michael had during his childhood.

As he grew up he moved a long way from home for work. Even though he was not able to attend family BBQ's any more. He still met up with friends for a weekend BBQ. They talked about all types of things while having a few beers. And then a few more while enjoying eating what they barbecued.

BBQ Festival

Michael enjoying a turkey leg at a local BBQ Festival.  

Later on in life Michael caught the travel bug. He has traveled across South America and throughout Europe. Along his travels he enjoyed trying out all the different local dishes. He especially  liked sampling as many of the local meat dishes that he could.

One of the many fantastic restaurants Michael visited was Parrilla Los Ganaderos at Punta Arenas Chile. As you can see some of their meat is cook right in front of you.

BBQ Lamb

Michael has now decided to share his love for BBQ and travel. By creating a collection of BBQ quotes and images for the BBQ lover. These popular designs will be printed on T-shirts, coffee mugs, children's clothing and many other items. Now you will be able to show your family and friends how much you love to BBQ.   

Michael believes it is very important to support local jobs. That's why the majority of his products are produced in America. All the dyeing, cutting and printing is completed in the USA. This allows for Michael to support thousands of American jobs while keeping production cost low.

Every garment is meticulously R&D’d for best print and color results. Checkpoints throughout the process insure your garments are picked, printed, packed and shipped correctly. Ongoing software and system advances help us to stay ahead of the curve. 

All garments are professionally folded and carefully inserted into self sealing poly mailers with UV protective coating inside. Large orders are packaged in a corrugated box.

 If you wish to know more about the companies that Michael uses for his prints. Why not have a quick look at this video.